Developer Guide


This project is setup as a mono-repo and leverages lerna to manage the multiple NPM packages. All packages are configured to be versioned together; meaning regardless of whether an individual package has changed, they all will be published with the same version. Package directories are defined in both ./lerna.json and in the root package.json:

// lerna.json
  "packages": [...]

// root package.json
  "workspaces": [...]

Packages Overview

All packages contain their own package.json that defines their dependencies. Only non-dev dependencies are in a package's package.json, while dev dependencies is located in the root package.json (see managing dependecies for more information).

Component Package

Located in ./packages/components, this package is the relevant package and will contain vast majority of your development work. It contains all components that will be used by consumers; VersionOne and Continuum.

Build Packages

Located in the ./build directory, these packages are not compiled via babel and therefore they are commonjs modules. These are used for the build of other packages/the docs site.

Managing Dependencies

This project uses yarn and lerna to manage NPM package dependencies.

remember: this is a mono-repo and there are multiple packages in this repo; therefore you will need to specify which package the new dependency will be installed

  • use yarn lerna add --scope @versionone/components dependency-pkg-name to install dependencies into the components package
  • use yarn add -W --dev dependency-pkg-name to install a dev dependency

Additional Details on Yarn and Lerna

Which package to install a new NPM package into is specified with the --scope CLI parameter. Most of the time, this scope will be @versionone/components, but in the case that a new NPM package is required for another package in the repo, we can specify the --scope to something else. Examples below:

  • use yarn lerna add --scope @versionone/pkg-name dependency-pkg-name to install dependencies into a specific package
  • also applies to internal packages; yarn lerna add --scope @versionone/pkg-name @versionone/other-pkg-name

Developer Tasks

  • yarn start - locally run docs site: http://localhost:3000
  • yarn test:e2e - run sub-set of cypress tests for development/debugging purposes
  • yarn test:e2e:cli - run all e2e tests from CLI
  • yarn lint - lint source files
  • yarn verify - run both tests and linting concurrently (quickly verify changes before issuing PR)

Debugging Tests Locally

Cypress is used for our end-to-end tests. All Cypress tests live in the ./cypress/integration directory.

  1. Server must be running locally via yarn start
  2. In a separate console; yarn cypress open will open the cypress window
  3. Selectively run test files from cypress window

Documentation site

The docs site is built with docz and its configuration may be found in ./doczrc.js.

Further Reading